Question: How Can I Resell Books Profitably on eBay?

QUESTION: I want to open an eBay Store to sell books at fixed prices. How can I add book cover photos and descriptions to my listings? I’ve tried TurboLister, but it’s so difficult. What about paid listers like Andale?

ANSWER: eBay has made some improvements to its Stores. Your books are visible in regular search results now, so eBay Stores are becoming an option for booksellers who want their own store without building a site from scratch.

You can enter ISBNs for most books while you’re listing on eBay’s Web form. This will add the book’s cover image and synopsis to your listing.

Unfortunately, eBay’s free TurboLister software is hard to use, especially for complicated book listings. You can enter ISBNs using TurboLister, provided you’re able to work around its quirks.

I’ve never used Andale, but my hunch is their service works fine. They’ve been in business several years, so users must be getting their money’s worth. I’ve listed the most popular eBay seller tools at the bottom of this post.

eBay Stores offer a bit more flexibility than marketplaces such as Amazon. You can sell with auctions or at fixed prices. You can experiment with different words in your listings, allowing a bit of flair and salesmanship. And your Store inventory is automatically exported to and Froogle, giving your books some added exposure on the Web.

I agree with your strategy on selling most books at fixed prices. It is possible to get a higher price at auction for a truly unusual book — perhaps one out of 10,000 books you’ll sell.

Here are some of the most popular listing services for eBay sellers. A few are free, and some offer a trial period.


Auction Zealot
eBay Sellers Assistant